Do without or Make ourselves

These hand forged iron and walnut handle garden tools are made in the USA.   Beautiful and pleasantly useful, these tools are well cared for and stored carefully, too. Reading The Founding Gardeners by Andrea Wulf, I come across this quote by Benjamin Franklin:  “I do not know a single article….that the colonies couldn’t either do […]


Growing Garlic in the South

Garlic for the southern region of the USA:  Choose the softneck types including Cuban Purple, Inchelium Red, Ajo Roja, Siciliano, Susanville.  Note:  if you are reading about garlic scapes on the garlic crop,  it is probably a hardneck type of garlic which do not grow as well in the south as do the softneck types. […]


honeybee on Camellia bloom

Ted Talk on Honeybees

In 1945  4.5 million honeybee hives existed in the USA.  By 2007 that hive count was down to 2 million hives.  What happened post World War II? Industrial Agriculture.  Mechanization, factories and war time chemicals needed a new outlet after the war.   Big Ag supplied it.  Larger farms using machines planted mono cultures of […]