Beekeeping at Hedgerow Farm

The adventure with honeybees started in the spring of 2008 with two hives. Really, it began with an article about the troubles of the honey bees.   That led to a beekeeping course at the State Botanical Garden, in Athens, Georgia.

HF, in 2012, has six hives in the bee yard.   We’ve lost hives over the years to swarming, robbing, beekeeper neglect , and reasons known only to the bees.  What we’ve gained is pollination on the farm and beyond, great tasting honey, and engaging friendships with beekeepers.

We are hobby rather than commercial beekeepers.  We joyfully keep bees like folks who delight in golf, tennis, beach vacations.   AND we are serious beekeepers, thinking deeply about what it means to support this creature, the honeybee.  Life affirming hobby for us and we hope, life affirming for them.

Homesteading with Bees:
Take a course.
Read books. Become a bee advocate!

Plant for pollinators, reduce pesticide use or time the application for evening hours.
Invite local beekeepers to put hives in your garden, small acreage, or farm.
Become a Beekeeper.

Timeline for Becoming a Beekeeper
Take courses in the fall through winter or Self Teach.
Order Bees by December-January from Apiaries or local beekeepers.
Order or Build Hive Boxes and Frames by end of February.
Install Bees in March and April.

Try this Beekeeping Calendar: