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We raise Jacob Sheep on Hedgerow Farm,  providing meat and wool from this work.  Also sheepskins that can become rugs,  art (by draping it over the back of one of our favorite windsor chairs),  stroller blankets, cushions for seats in cars, wheelchairs.   After receiving the hides back from the processor, we salt them with hay salt bought in 50lb bags from Bar G Horse and Cattle Supply,  local and family owned/operated. It takes about five pounds of salt per sheep skin.  We set up a large tarp on the floor of the enclosed portion of the pole barn.  and then place wooden pallets on the tarp.  Sheep skins across the pallets, fur side down. Wearing gloves, we heavily salt the flesh side, stretching out the skin and covering every crease and fold.  Two weeks after salting, we ship these salted skins to Bucks County Fur Products in Pennsylvania where they become beautiful washable sheep skins.

Jacob Rams Washable Sheep Skin