Bluebird Boxes

Everyone loves a comeback story and the bluebird recovery is a good one.  The bluebird decline had multiple causes:  habitat loss, insecticides, and non native birds competing for nesting cavities.  The European starling and the English house sparrow were brought to North America by well intentioned people, resulting in chaos and destruction ever since.

Other good people with perhaps a better understanding of nature, decided to create manmade housing for bluebirds.  Seemed only fair since we had caused their housing loss in the first place.  In the past 30 years there has been an increase in the bluebird population throughout the United States.   This bluebird box was constructed by a friend who has inspired HF to support bluebird habitat and housing. We will host a bluebird box workshop in the fall for area scouts, or other interested folks in the community.  Please contact us if you are local and have such an interest: