Perils of Spring

I’ve been writing about butterflies, bluebirds, and gardening lately.  As if life on the farm is always beautiful and joyful. A more complete description would include these images from the farm over the past two weeks:  a squirrel killed by the cat, a nest of eggs abandoned by the sitting hen just a day or so from hatching.   A headless rooster found near the pole barn, a smaller rooster that has gone missing.  Then last night, a hen that did not go in the coop, found this morning, dead.  The clues at the scene similar to those with the rooster at the pole barn. Stories from friends and neighbors of coyote and raccoon attacks on their chickens.  It’s springtime and the wild creatures are feeding their young.   From March to June, predator attacks seem to increase.  Spring is a time of benevolent rains, newness of life, and peril.  A more complete understanding of farm life without the pretty photos.  Allegory for all of our lives, really.  Wendell Berry quote:  Be joyful, though you have considered all the facts.  Practice Resurrection.