Do without or Make ourselves

These hand forged iron and walnut handle garden tools are made in the USA.   Beautiful and pleasantly useful, these tools are well cared for and stored carefully, too.

Reading The Founding Gardeners by Andrea Wulf, I come across this quote by Benjamin Franklin:  “I do not know a single article….that the colonies couldn’t either do without or make themselves”.   This quote was to British Parliament in regards to the  Stamp Act,  and a proposed boycott by the colonies of all British goods.

I don’t know if America will ever gain her independence again.  She is dependent on foreign powers for oil, food, clothing, shoes, Christmas decorations, and general “stuff”.    Could we if need be, produce all that we need or do without?  seems unlikely.

And yet, there is a revival of small farms and farmers’ markets, artisan foods of all kinds, manufacturing of clothing and other consumer goods.  Americans are seeking to buy local or  made in America.   This movement toward independence is also a movement toward sustainability and security, and that is indeed revolutionary.