Hedgerow Farm Figs

We have four large fig trees, probably brown turkey figs. Could be Celeste.  Planted decades ago, by someone else. Thank you. Seldom watered. Never fertilized these past four years. Standing against the western masonry wall of the dairy barn, three of them seem quite content.  The fourth planted in too much shade, produces a smaller crop each year.  Figs are the food to teach us about local and seasonal. If you do not plant one, you may never taste a fresh fig. In the piedmont area of Georgia, the harvest comes for about a three-week period in late July to mid August. Here at HF, the wild birds eat the high fruit, the chickens and turkeys the lowest fruit.  Honey Bees and wasps can be found on any fig, take care when picking them.  We get the middle branches for harvest and eat them fresh within three days.  Preserve, pickle, or dry the rest.  Figs bring out selfish tendencies in us and we only share them with soul mates.