The Hedgerow Farm Pecan Orchard
The HF pecan orchard is a scattered planting of trees around the old farmhouse and in the nearby fields and pastures.  They are picture perfect, but not perfectly planted, as we see in middle and south Georgia’s pecan orchards intended for commercial harvest.   As with any of our large trees, we appreciate their shade in the long hot summers.

None of the trees has irrigation and each is at least 40 years old.  They are “established”.  We harvest by windfall rather than mechanical tree shakers.

More about Pecan Facts from the Georgia Pecan Commission :
A pecan pie uses approx 78 pecans.
Pecans are the only tree nut native to the United States.
Georgia leads the nation in pecan production since the late 1800’s.
One acre of irrigated pecan trees will produce about 1000 pounds of pecans.
Georgia pecan wood was used to make the handles of the torches for the 1996 Olympic Games.

Homesteading with Pecans:
Though more than 500 varieties exist, in Georgia there are about five that are common and do well in home cultivation.

Disease resistant, slow to bear,  a favorite with Georgia pecan  growers.  Perfect for home orchards.

Older Variety, Resistant to Winter Temperature, and Disease, large nut with good production

Superior Flavor, doesn’t do well with mechanical harvesting

Early 20th century cultivar, good flavor, best for roasting, can take mechanical harvesting

Cape Fear
Offspring of Schley, prolific producer.  May be the pecan of the future.