Gift of Feral Pig

When you live on a farm, people bring you gifts.  With teeth, or claws, or beaks.  Alive or dead. Sometimes we must say no thank you. This  feral pig appears cute, deceivingly so. We were not yet “pig tight” on our fencing.  Wilbur would have been wild and free again within hours of release into our pasture.  Squeezing through a gate for sure.  We returned this gift to our friends and they passed him on to a more appreciative recipient.

Feral hogs cause an average of $52 million of damage annually to the agricultural industry in Texas. This estimate does not account for growing feral hog damage in suburban areas. Examples of feral hog damage include but are not limited to: rooting pastures and rangeland, consumption of native vegetation, negative effects on water quality, and predation of wildlife.