Hewell’s Terracota Garden Pots

Hewell Pottery and Goodness Grows

Hewell’s Pottery in Gillsville, Georgia celebrates more than 150 years of turning and burning.  Seventh generation now produces garden terracotta worth the trip.  You can also find Hewell pots at Goodness Grows Nursery in Lexington, GA.  Handmade terracotta is more frost resistant than machine molded.  and it looks, handmade.

We drove to Goodness Grows yesterday.  Bought herbs.  Learned how to plant lavender so it lives more than two years.  Will return soon to buy the lavender and heirloom tomato plants.

Creating a terracotta herb garden in a small area near the potager garden.  Thinking of using pea gravel as mulch.  Planting some herbs directly into the soil.  Favorite herbs:  Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Mint, Parsley, Lavender.  Hardy.  Flavorful.  Medicinal.

Garden Sage