Hydrangea Season

Annabelle Hydrangea

May through August is Hydrangea Season at Hedgerow Farm.  It begins with the Oakleaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia, our one and only Oakleaf is placed next to the house between two porches and alongside the flagstone path.    It receives only morning sun and is delighted with that arrangement.  We are northeast Georgia, hot and humid.  Zone 8.

June is the start of the Annabelles,  Hydrangea arborescens  with its wonderfully large blooms on new wood which makes pruning a bit easier for us.  Note: Avoid cutting them back to the ground each year, as it results in thin stems that cannot support the large flowers.  See the link above for pruning and supporting  Annabelles.

July summons the Tardivas,  Hydrangea paniculata,  a more cold hardy hydrangea.  We have allowed it to grow large and lush as shrubs near the parking court at the house.  The backdrop being an evergreen holly hedge.  The Annabelles and Tardivas share this nearby garden, allowing us to easily cut blooms for the home, the porches, and for departing guests.

Acquire hydrangeas from reputable local nurseries.  These are long lived plants, not annuals, and good plant stock is worth the price. We are fortunate to live within driving distance of Goodness Grows (this nursery is worth an overnight trip, truly).

Oakleaf Hydrangea