The ponds at HF support herons, ducks, and bird species too numerous to know and name.  Deer, coyotes, bobcat, raccoons, and of course the water dwelling creatures too. The ponds provide pleasure as we swim, fish, canoe.  They invite us to sit, be still.

The temptation with ponds is to “manage” them, intensely.   Resist. For small recreational ponds, state DNR sites advise careful consideration in areas of fertilization, chemical weed control, stocking rates and timing, species selection, and in the case of hybrids like Georgia Giants Bream….South Carolina DNR does not recommend them for smaller ponds.  Hybrids revert back to original species after several generations and those original species may not be good for recreational ponds.

And if you do stock, feed, and fertilize your pond then be prepared to fish at proper rates or your  populations will become imbalanced, stunted, and problematic for the overall health of the pond.

Check out your state’s DNR site or state university websites for information about local conditions, fish species, and best management practices for recreational ponds.

Read more here about Pond Management from South Carolina’s DNR.