Narrangansett Poults

Three turkey poults and one chick.  The poults are Narrangansetts, a cousin to our Eastern Wild Turkey.  A heritage breed that is hardy, intelligent, and very social here on the farm.  The delicate days of turkey life are the first week or so but that is true of all poultry.  They need to be warm, dry, and have access to clean water and food.  We are using a galvanized tub with heat lamp for the early weeks.  Feeding them lettuce, kale, spinach from the garden.  Soy free organic poultry starter which is higher in protein than layer feed.  Some days  I scramble a few eggs and feed to them.  Protein.  HF’s turkeys were originally ordered from Sandhill Preservation Center in Iowa.   We are receiving a few more Narrangansett turkeys from them in early June.  The long term plan is to establish a strong breeding group and begin hatching them out for area farmers and families to raise for the Thanksgiving tables in our community and to sell healthy breeding stock for those who want to keep them on the farm year round.