Hedgerow Farm chickens enjoy an outdoor life on pasture, and in the garden areas of the farm. In the twilight hour, we encourage them (with grain) to enter their enclosed chicken runs and then as darkness falls, they move into the coop itself.

Their daily activities include greeting farm visitors, following the humans around as we perform our chores, eating dropped fruit from the trees, scratching in the soil, and taking dust baths around the edges of the outbuildings. It appears to be an easygoing but purposeful agenda, and we never tire of watching the chickens being chickens.

Considerations for Keeping chickens

Size: For egg layers, consider smaller breeds . For dual purpose (eggs and meat) look to larger breeds.
Location: Roosters are not neighborhood friendly.  They crow often and early. Best for farm life.
Temperament: For families with children, choose calm, not active, breeds.
Safety: Protect chickens from pets (including your own), and the wild creatures.
Community: Share eggs with neighbors.





Breeds for Backyard/Urban Chickens


Polish Crested

Breeds suited to foraging acreage

Heritage Leghorns
Mottled Java
Barred Rock