Sheep & Lambs

The Jacob sheep flock at Hedgerow Farm grew by 17 lambs this year. From first of March, it was a month of morning, afternoon, and evening surprises as spotted lambs were discovered in one pasture or another. Mostly twins, one set of tripletts, and two singles born to first time mothers. Boaz, Beatrix, Bishop, Bella and all the rest, these adorable lambs twitch their tails at every nursing moment. Watching them play, skip, and hop out the last of the day’s energy was worth rearranging your evening plans. Our bottlefed lamb, Bilbo Baggins, moved into the mudroom just a few hours after birth, and held honorary title of farm tour guide, until at eight weeks of age, he emigrated back to the pasture to become a sheep again. Lambs in spring are just one of the reasons to move to a farm, or at least visit one.