Hedgerow Farm welcomed its first Jacob sheep in 2010. We began with a small flock of 3 and, at this writing, graze 27 ewes, rams, and wethers in rotating pastures. Jacobs are following sheep rather than herding sheep. A trusting relationship enables shepherds of Jacobs to call them to new pastures, to walk among them without the scattering effect, and to administer aid if needed… rarely needed with this breed!

Jacob Sheep, the breed of Hedgerow Farm:
“Spotted sheep were documented in England by the 1600s and were widespread by the mid-1700s. They became popular in England as ornamental, or “park” sheep. Jacobs were ideal for this role, as they were picturesque but required minimal care. Scant selection occurred for anything but hardiness, spots, and four horns. The result was a primitive breed that looked after itself well.”

“Jacobs are small, horned, black and white sheep. Ewes weigh 80–120 pounds, and rams 120–180 pounds. The sheep are white with colored spots or patches. The Jacob is a multi-horned or “polycerate” breed. Most animals have two or four horns, though six horns also occur.”

From the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy website.