The Farm

Welcome to Hedgerow Farm

We arrived at Hedgerow Farm in the spring of 2008.   Responding to a lifelong call to land with an old farm house.  Equipped with enthusiasm and the usual hopes and dreams that come with these ventures, we hoped that an understanding of this place and our place within it would come to us too.  Understanding does not come easily. Four years later, we have beehives, heritage poultry, a flock of sheep, a livestock guardian dog.  A trail horse now asked to pull an Amish cart.

The beginning plan seems rather vague to us now. We have gained some understanding, not enough.   Reading Wendell Berry over and over again.    Dwelling.  Abiding.

Seeking a life of stewardship and community.  We look for milestones and reference points.   And we welcome guides and fellow travelers alongside of us.  That is how we got this far.  Thank you guides and travelers:  the locals, the farmers, the fence builders, the carpenters, the authors, the artists, the experienced, and the interested who have engaged us and encouraged us by your own passion and purpose.