Homesteading is one part of life at Hedgerow Farm.  The gardening.  Keeping chickens and bees. Grazing animals on the pastures.  Planting heirloom apple trees.

When we arrived at HF a few years ago, we discovered that the land already provided food in its seasons: wild blackberries, figs, apples, pears, and pecans. The pond filled with fish, the woods home to deer. It was a delightful discovery of food that was seasonal, local, and flavorful.

Homesteading is now a way of life for many people, with or without a farm. Gardening in raised beds, on decks, and balconies. Removing foundational plantings and replacing with berry bushes and herbs. Planting fruit trees in the yard.  Citizens are now challenging neighborhood covenants and local ordinances on the keeping of hens.

You can support Local Farmers by shopping at the Farmers’ Market in your area.

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