Hedgerow Farm visitors are curious about the many outbuildings, also called The Dependencies.  What are their purposes?

Garden Shed, Dairy Barn, Milk Storehouse, Sheep Shed and Pole Barn are the names for our dependencies. Through the years their purposes have changed just as the farm owners and agrarian pursuits have changed.

The Garden Shed contains drying herbs, clay pots, seed catalogs and fishing gear.

The Dairy Barn, with its beautiful old fig trees growing near the western wall, now hosts workshops, community group meetings, and special occasions for family and friends. A large wood burning stove keeps the barn cozy on winter days.

The Milk Storehouse has a room devoted to the bee keeping supplies such as hive boxes, frames, and honey extracting equipment. Other rooms in this dependency store necessary farming tools, carpentry basics, and the general resources we use on a daily basis.

The Sheep Shed serves as a shelter for the flock during stormy times and during lambing to help the ewe bond with her lambs.

The Pole Barn is multi functional! We keep our driving carts, and all the tack for our horse in the building portion of this barn. The outdoor area has a large tin roof to protect us from sun and rain and we enjoy farm lunches on a picnic table here.