Turkey Season

A domesticated Narrangansett turkey hen nesting in the irises, daffodils, and vinca along our driveway.  Spring is the season for both wild and farm turkeys to nest.  Newly hatched turkeys known as poults.  In  Georgia, spring also means turkey hunting season:  March 24 through May 15th with a limit of three gobblers.

The restoration of the wild turkey is one of Georgia’s great conservation success stories. Although the bird population currently hovers around 335,000 statewide, as recently as 1973, the wild turkey population was as low as 17,000.  This successful effort resulted from cooperative partnerships between private landowners, hunters, and conservation organizations like the National Wild Turkey Federation .  Six species of turkeys are to be found in the USA.  With the Eastern Wild Turkey being the most populous and having the largest range of all turkeys.